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“I just thought I’d let you know that my presentation on Saturday went well and certainly better than I could have imagined a month ago. I managed to say everything as we had practised it and surprisingly I didn’t feel too nervous, which I’m sure is down to my sessions with you...thank you for all your advice and encouragement and your sessions were really enjoyable and a great help.”

Mature History of Art Degree student

“My daughter is currently working towards her grade 6 LAMDA. The exams involve a performance of monologues and/or duologues in front of an independent examiner along with a verbal theory section about your interpretation of the texts...I am sure that the skills learnt and confidence my daughter has gained will also be a great benefit when she takes her English and Drama GCSEs next year.”

Parent of Year 10 Wallingford student

“Doing LAMDA has really increased my confidence in performing. It has taught me to think analytically about different texts and the words that are used, helped me to think on my feet and how to act and create a scene with minimal props.”

Year 9 Blewbury student

"You are managing to make (my son) wake up every Saturday when there is a class, so for me this is the best thing ever. (He) has been much happier since he joined your class and it has a positive effect on his mental health."

Parent of Year 11 Wallingford student

“My son has worked with Jo from his first LAMDA exam and now working on his final one. His passion and ability for drama and confidence most definitely come from his LAMDA training where he has thrived and it provides brilliant memory recall and focus when learning lines.”

Parent of Year 11 Blewbury student

“My LAMDA lessons are very enjoyable and they have given me much more acting experience which has helped in my GCSE drama lessons.”

Year 10 Blewbury student

“Without question LAMDA has given my boys extra confidence, rewarded them a sense of achievement, with the added bonus of extra UCAS points.”

Parent of Year 13 and Year 11 Blewbury students

"We know he adores your classes, he shines when he’s performing, it gives him so much confidence not only on the stage but in all areas of his life. Especially as a dyslexic child it has increased his confidence to read out loud in class in front of his peers."

Parent of Year 8 Wallingford student

“Having started with little acting experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Jo Laugharne and she provided me with the tools to get distinctions in all my exams.”

Year 12 Blewbury student

“Following the Lamda structure in both acting and public speaking has given my daughter meaningful formal attainments to show for time spent studying something she loves.”

Parent of Year 11 Wallingford student

“Jo and her classes are an absolute blast. Both as a parent and a dance school owner who has contracted her services for acting workshops, she is a breath of fresh air for the kids. They love her creativity, her easy-going nature and her humour, all through which she is really able to engage them. She knows exactly how to bring out the best in her students. My daughters both attended her classes and took their Lamda exams with her. Not only did they love her classes but the confidence they gained in their abilities and a clear understanding and preparation for Lamda provided, was really second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend her not just for excellent performing skills, but good developing all round skills in confidence and presentation.”

Parent of Year 12 and Year 10 Blewbury students

'I can’t recommend Jo highly enough. Her knowledge and enthusiasm helped my students perform at their best. As well as receiving top results they were inspired by Jo to be creative and insightful. They had great fun in the process too!"

Parent of Year 11 and Year 13 students

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